• Suede Pocket Braiding Kit TAKE A PEEK!
    Suede Pocket Braiding Kit $ 26.99 $ 19.99 SALE

    Suede Pocket Braiding Kit

    $ 19.99 $ 26.99
    Available for pre-order
    Color:  Tan

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    Convenient.. and for any size horse!  If you have a tall horse, well... you'll just have to pull up a bale of straw to stand on.   This handy braiding...
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  • SwayBack Pad - Western TAKE A PEEK!
    SwayBack Pad - Western $ 149.99

    SwayBack Pad - Western

    $ 149.99

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    A 100% hand woven wool blanket encases the po;ular Cashel Swayback Cushion Pad, making this an all-in-one pad for your swayback horse.  With a 1-1/2" center that tapers to 3/4"...
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