• VisEquips Breast Collar/Plate TAKE A PEEK!
    VisEquips Breast Collar/Plate $ 21.50

    VisEquips Breast Collar/Plate

    $ 21.50

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    VisEquips Reflective BreastplateVery adjustable from pony to large horse. Loops over (or can be clipped to) girth or cinch. Offers side and front visibility on horse back. Nylon strap, easy...
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  • VisEquips Bridle/Rein Straps TAKE A PEEK!
    VisEquips Bridle/Rein Straps $ 11.99

    VisEquips Bridle/Rein Straps

    $ 11.99

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    Reflective Bridle Strap Browband, Noseband, or Rein Reflectors About 10 in. long, excellent for front or side visibility on road or for turnout. Easy care. VisEquips reflective riding equipment provides...
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  • VisEquips Tail Guard TAKE A PEEK!
    VisEquips Tail Guard $ 12.50

    VisEquips Tail Guard

    $ 12.50

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    VisEquips Reflective Tail Guard Tailwrap with shield in your choice of color, sturdy nylon fabric with soft neoprene tail panel which wraps under dock of horse's tail for stability and...
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