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EOUS Sizing Information

EOUS by Equisupplies, LLC
"For Horse People, by Horse People"

When measuring a horse for proper EOUS blanket size, it is always best to do so with the help of a second person. We recommend measuring your horse with a flexible tape measure to ensure the most accurate measurement possible. Start by standing your horse as square as possible on a flat, even surface. Place the tape measure at the center of the horse's chest. With the tape held in place at the chest, run it along the side of the horse's body until you reach the edge of the tail bone. For the most accurate measurement, keep the tape as straight as possible along the horse's side without following the contours of the horse's body.

Fitting an EOUS Blanket

When trying a new blanket for size, we recommend placing a thin, clean sheet on your horse first to keep the new blanket as clean as possible, in case it needs to be returned. Place the blanket on your horse and fasten all front closures. Gently slide the blanket so it rests comfortably at the shoulder and chest, remember EOUS blankets sit up over the withers to relieve pressure off of this area. Fasten the surcingles or belly band and make adjustments to secure it in place. Surcingles should fit loosely on the horse's stomach with approximately four fingers width between belly and straps. Whether you choose to cross the leg straps or not, be sure they are adjusted properly. Leg straps should be snug enough so that they do not leave enough room for a horse to hook a shoe or foot during play or while rolling; yet not too snug that the straps rub or irritate the horse.

Checking the Fit of Your EOUS Blanket

Properly fitting a horse blanket is extremely important to prevent shoulder & wither rubs as well as any injuries that could possibly result from an ill-fitting blanket.

  • To check the length, stand behind the horse and gently bring the two ends toward each over the tail. If the ends meet, then the blanket is too large. If you cannot bring them together at all or if you can see more than 2-3 inches of the horse's rump on either side of the tail, then the blanket is too small.
  • To check the blanket fit on the front of your horse, it is best to watch the horse walk. As he moves forward, observe the shoulders. If the blanket fabric pulls tightly against the shoulder to the point of possibly impeding the freedom of movement, then it is too snug. If the blanket drops very low at the shoulder or chest, then the neck opening and/or blanket is too large.
  • When checking the drop of the blanket, please note that most turnout blankets will have a longer drop to ensure ample coverage and protection from the elements. The blanket drop should be proportionate to the length and overall fit. In general, the drop should cover the belly, but should not go more than halfway to the horse's knees and hocks.


EOUS 3 Year Turnout Guarantee

EOUS 3 Year Turnout Guarantee

Congratulations on your purchase of a new EOUS Turnout!

EOUS, a leading designer and manufacturer of horse clothing, offers outstanding quality and workmanship that meets or exceeds what you would expect to find in a higher priced product. We proudly offer a 3 year guarantee against manufacturer defects, loss of waterproofing and breathability, plus a lifetime hardware guarantee on all EOUS Turnouts.

This guarantee covers all EOUS Turnouts, purchased after October 1st, 2011, which includes: Phlegon HW Turnout, EOUS HW Turnout, Madrid MW Turnout, Apollo MW Turnout, Banbridge MW Turnout, EOUS LW Turnout, Banbridge LW Turnout and Zurich LW Turnout.

To qualify for this guarantee, you must completely fill out the guarantee card included with your purchase. (Contact your retail store if card is not included)


  1. Ensure that the Guarantee Card is dated and signed by the sales associate at the store where turnout was purchased.
  2. Return the Guarantee Card and Dated Receipt to EOUS within 60 days of the date of purchase to register the Guarantee. Keep a copy for your records.


General Q & A:

Will the product be covered if the Guarantee Card is not returned?
If the Guarantee card is not received within 60 days of purchase, the product will not be registered and WILL NOT BE COVERED BY THE GUARANTEE. If a Customer claims to have sent in a registration form that we have not received, the product will not be registered and WILL NOT BE COVERED BY THE GUARANTEE. Only if the Customer has proof of delivery of the guarantee card will EOUS guarantee the product.

What should you do if you are dissatisfied with the quality of your EOUS® Turnout?
We don’t think you will be but just in case you are….

  1. Should you encounter a problem within one (1) year of purchase, return the turnout to the store where product was purchased. EOUS will assess the problem as per standard procedure.
  2. Should you become dissatisfied with the quality of your EOU Turnout after one (1) year of purchase, you must contact EOUS directly.
  3. Once you have contacted EOUS, the customer service representative will discuss the issue to establish whether there is a problem with the product and issue an RMA# if the product is to be returned. Several things can affect the waterproofing and breathability that will void this guarantee:
    • The EOUS Turnout could have been washed incorrectly, thus compromising the waterproof coating, making the turnout less waterproof and breathable. See for detailed washing instructions. If it is clear that the product has been washed incorrectly, the guarantee is void.
    • The waterproofing of all EOUS turnouts will be vulnerable where stitching has occurred in areas such as darts and seams. In extreme conditions, the turnout may leak slightly in these areas, which is unavoidable.
    • If it is determined that there is an apparent fault with your EOUS Turnout, you will be advised to return the turnout to EOUS at your own expense. The turnout must be completely dry. Do not clean the product before returning.
  4. Once received, the turnout will be thoroughly tested by EOUS to verify whether there is a problem with the product.

 What happens if a waterproof or breathability fault is found with the EOUS Turnout once returned to EOUS?

  1. You will be contacted and informed of the defect. A new, equivalent EOUS Turnout will be sent out as a replacement.
  2. EOUS will reimburse the postage costs incurred by the customer when returning a faulty EOUS Turnout, upon production of a postage receipt.

 What happens if a waterproof or breathability fault is not found with the EOUS Turnout once returned to EOUS?

  1. You will be contacted and informed that the product is not defective. Therefore, no replacement product will be given.
  2. EOUS will return the original product to the customer, with a letter explaining why the product was denied under the guarantee, at the expense of the customer.

 What EOUS Turnout hardware has a lifetime guarantee?

The term “hardware” in relation to EOUS Turnouts refers to the following:

  • front stainless steel buckles
  • bias stainless steel T-hook fasteners
  • stainless steel “D” rings (to which detachable leg straps and hood attach)
EOUS guarantees that these features will remain in workable condition for the lifetime of the turnout in question. Should any of these pieces of hardware break, EOUS will send replacement hardware directly to the customer.


What’s not covered by the EOUS 3 Year Guarantee?

  1. Tearing of the turnout that is NOT the result of a manufacturer’s defect (example: if the turnout tears from catching on wire).
  2. Turnouts that have been washed incorrectly.
  3. EOUS Turnouts that have manufacturer defect, waterproof or breathability problems after one year, for which no guarantee card has been received.