• EOUS Fleece Cooler TAKE A PEEK!
    EOUS Fleece Cooler Out of stock SALE

    EOUS Fleece Cooler

    $ 42.99 $ 62.99

    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Trendy Stripes! Truly multifunctional, this cooler can be used as a traveling rug, as a blanket liner or to keep your horse's coat clean during a show.  An outstanding neckline...
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  • EOUS Wool Dress Sheet TAKE A PEEK!
    EOUS Wool Dress Sheet $ 109.99 $ 59.99 SALE

    EOUS Wool Dress Sheet

    $ 59.99 $ 109.99

    Turn heads with the fancy EOUS Show Rug!  87" or 90" The braided cord around the edge and fancy hip ornament set this rug apart from all the others. The...
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  • Traditional Dress Sheet TAKE A PEEK!
    Traditional Dress Sheet $ 98.00

    Traditional Dress Sheet

    $ 98.00

    Gorgeous Traditional Stripe Dress Sheet The best combination of classic and contemporary. Who doesn't love this traditional pattern as seen for decades in the UK on race horses, hunters and...
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  • Wool Dress Sheet TAKE A PEEK!
    Wool Dress Sheet $ 69.99

    Wool Dress Sheet

    $ 69.99

    Beautiful Wool Day Sheet! This rich wool cooler is heavy and absorbent with fleece at the neck.  Great for cooler weather!  Arrive at your Spring or Fall show in style....
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