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Big Fella Sizing Information

Big Fella blankets and sheets

How to Measure for a Blanket: For best fit, stand horse squarely. Measure from center of chest to edge of tail. Take care to measure along the widest part of the shoulder and hindquarters. The blanket measurement result is the blanket size. If an odd number, round up to the next even number - 89" = 90".

Fitting the Blanket:  When initially trying the blanket for fit, please use a sheet underneath to keep it clean in the event it needs to be exchanged. In cold weather it's natural to want to close up the neck; but please remember that horses spend the majority of their time with their heads down. A blanket that is too high pulls forward every time the horse lowers his head and can cause rubbing at the shoulders and at the base and top of the wither. Make sure the front is sufficiently low and roomy so the horse can put his head down freely. Adjusta-Fit® allows you to raise the front when necessary. 

General Guide for Blanket Durability

Type Durability Comments
1680D Ballistic Nylon or 1800D Polyester Exceptional Recommended for horses that are hard on blankets or turned out with other horses who may bite or pull at a blanket
1200D Polyester or Ripstop Nylon Superior Recommend to withstand the rigors of turnout
600D Standard Recommend for horses easy on blankets.  Occasion or monitored turnout. Picket line use.

General Temperature Guide for Blanket Weights

Maintaining current coat condition...

Warmth of Blanket

Short Coat/Clipped

Medium/Full Coat
Extra Heavyweight Subzero - 15˚F ---
Heavyweight 15˚F - 30˚F Subzero - 15˚F
Midweight 30˚F - 50˚F 15˚F - 30˚F
Sheet      50˚F + 30˚F +

Improving current coat condition ................ (promote shedding)

Warmth of Blanket

Short Coat/Clipped

Medium/Full Coat
Extra Heavyweight Subzero - 20˚F Subzero - 15˚F
Heavyweight 20˚F - 40˚F 15˚F - 30˚F
Midweight 40˚F - 60˚F 30˚F - 45˚F
Sheet      60˚F + 45˚F +