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RIP Mouse 3/10/89-1/29/18

RIP Mouse 3/10/89-1/29/18

Mouse Tennessee Walker

It's really starting to appear that we need to write more blog posts!  The last three, including this one, all relates to death.  While death is never easy to accept, we all must navigate through it at some point (probably several times) throughout our lives.  Whether it is a loved human or a loved animal... it's all very difficult.  

We, here at Warmblood Tack Store, bought Mouse, (a large 16.2hh Tennessee Walker.. yes, that's right!), in 2001 to be a "calm companion" for the horse ("Storm") that became our mascot.  Mouse was very curious and always gentle.. not afraid of a thing (just make sure you'd turn his head to let him see the car approaching from behind).  Mouse was diagnosed as insulin resistant many years ago and it then turned into Cushing's.  While Mouse was on Prascend for the past 6-7 years, it wasn't Cushing's that took him.  It was severe arthritis in either the stifle or perhaps his spine.  To this day, we still are not sure if he had a trauma that happened overnight or really what actually transpired ... one morning we went out to the pasture and he simply couldn't get up.  All we know is that Pentosan worked wonders for years, but then we turned to Previcox (Equioxx for horses) for chronic pain.  He's had many ups & downs over the past several years, but this weekend things got much worse where he didn't have much control over his hind end.  It was finally time... and he told me so.  

Hug your babies.. because you never know when that day will come.



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