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In Memory of Philippa Humphreys

Today, the news of Philippa Humphreys was publicized.  As I write this blog post, I think about different professional eventing competitions the I've attended and think about the people and animals that have been hurt, or worse, killed.  Philippa was from England and was an international event rider.  While Philippa was from abroad, she lived only miles from Warmblood Tack Store, where she owned and operated PH Eventing, in Rockford, Michigan.  Philippa was well known in the community and was part of the West Michigan "family".  Just the other day, I was talking with a fellow equestrian and Philippa's name came up.  It's hard to believe that she is now gone.

According to reports, Philippa was thrown from her horse, Rich N Famous, at fence 16 at a cross-country time trial at Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event in Allentown, NJ, on Saturday, May 14, 2016.  Sadly, the 33-yr old leaves behind a 6-month old child (Millie) and her husband (Peter).  Rich N Famous was apparently not hurt in the fall.

I didn't know Philippa personally but knew of her.  And while I do not ride in the levels in which she competed, it still hits every equestrian very hard when a tragedy like this happens.  The good news (if there is any) ... is I'm sure she died doing what she loved.  And frankly, it would be an acceptable way for me to die too.  We can always argue if it's better to know you're dying and have the time to say 'good bye' to loved ones, or to die quickly and unexpectedly.  Personally, I wouldn't want the long, drawn-out painful disease that lasted for several months or even years that I've seen many people endure.  It is a way that I would want to go to meet my God.. on the back of my horse.

We are so very sorry about this tragic event and ask that you also keep Philippa's family in your thoughts and prayers.  

There has been a fundraiser page set up to help for Millie's college education at  


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