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Elastic Breastplate Martingale with Running Attachment

Manufacturer: JPC Equestrian

SKU: 5097-08-j - 02

$ 93.99 
Size:  Warmblood

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 Elastic Breastplate Martingale with Running Attachment

Traditional style breastplate, but with elastic for jumping freedom. Includes running attachment.

Warmblood dimensions from the middle chest ring to the sides are 25 1/2" (min) to 28" (max), each side; and 29" (min) to 36" (max) from middle chest ring to girth/cinch. Does not include slight "stretch" in elastic sides. Running attachment length (Warmblood Size) dimensions are 16 1/2" (min) to 24 1/5" (max).

Size: Horse or Warmblood Size

Color; Australian Nut only (shown)



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