Exselle Gel Splint/Brushing Boot XL , Leg Protection - Intrepid International, Warmblood Tack Store

Exselle Gel Splint/Brushing Boot XL

Manufacturer: Intrepid International

SKU: 245-i - 02

$ 36.99 

Nylon covered, edge bound Neoprene is the base for this lightweight and very protective boot. The inside of the cannon/splint area is covered with a tough, leather grained PVC. Beneath the PVC is a patented gel insert which will absorb a great deal of the force from blows of any kind. The boots are held in place with multiple strips of double faced hook and loop for a secure and even fit.  Washable.  

XL size is approximatley 10 1/2" Tall (top to bottom), 12" wide (neoprene edge to neoprene edge) and the velcro straps are 6".




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