Equiderma Zinc Oxide Paste for Scratches

Equiderma Zinc Paste 16 oz.

Manufacturer: Intrepid International

SKU: tah002-i

$ 32.49 
Size:  16oz.

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Equiderma Zinc Paste is the sister product to the flagship Equiderma Skin Lotion. It contains the same active ingredients in a zinc oxide paste form. It is a powerful and potent treatment in the fight against pastern dermatitis, also known as scratches, greasy heel, dew poisoning, or mud fever. It's antibacterial, antifungal and antidermatophyte properties help you overcome the heartbreak and frustration of scratches. It works by creating a water-resistent barrier while providing a 100% UV ray protection. An important factor when dealing with scratches on white legs, it stays in place and creates a healthy environment for healing to take place. It's also great for sunburn protection for fair-skinned horses.  16 oz. container




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