Dressage Performance Girth

Dressage Performance Girth

Manufacturer: Smith Worthington

SKU: AC4837EE-sw

$ 183.99 

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Beautifully crafted shaped dressage girth!

This girth is broad across the sternum, softly padded and ergonomically curved around the elbows.  Equalizing dees at both ends and elastic at both ends allow your horse to breathe deeply and naturally.  Horses seem to appreciate the comfort of this girth .. and it's especially helpful on horses with a forward girth pocket.  Reduces that 'forward creep' caused by girth pulling the saddle forward.  

Stainless steel roller buckes will never rust and allow for easier girthing.  Leather is produced in a 'green' tannery that meets all European environmental standards.

Black only
Sizes:  30", 32", 34"



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