Draft or Warmblood Hunting Bridle

Draft or Warmblood Hunting Bridle

Manufacturer: Smith Worthington

SKU: B6430L-sw-1

$ 249.99 

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A classically styled hunt bridle. Simple, solid and dependable... definitely a classic!

Easy to keep clean and will last for years when properly cared for.  This bridle is made from the finest European leathers and strong stainless steel hardware.  Leather is specifically tanned for just the right balance of firmness and flexibility; soft and pliable.  You can gently secure between your fingers from the first day.. the finest leather we've found.  Edged, fitted and sewn by skilled bridle makers with careful attention to every detail for a perfect show quality.  Oil soaks in and doesn't bead up on the surface.  

  • Padded crown, noseband, browband and buckle guards
  • Slotted cavessons
  • Lined turnbacks on reins and cheeks
  • Laced Reins
  • 10 stitches per inch for beauty and strength
  • Stainless steel buckles and hardware (never rust)
  • Back punched holes for ease in buckling up
  • Does not include bit

Havana Brown only.

Warmblood or Draft




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