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Draft Horse Western Leather Browband Bridle w/Reins

Manufacturer: JTI

SKU: 429745-jti-1

$ 84.99 

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Draft horse leather bridle set at an economical price.  If the bit doesn't fit, you can easily replace with your own bit by unscrewing the hardware, replacing the bit, and tightening the hardware.

Bridle's crownpiece (bit to bit) measures 51" on the longest hole (as shown in picture).  This bridle also has approximately 3" of extra leather on either side of the crownpiece allowing you to punch another hole (on either or both sides) for an additional 5" of total length. The browband measures 21 1/2" (from back of crownpiece to back of crownpiece), and it measures 18" from the front of crownpiece to front of crownpiece

  • 1" wide leather w/stained edges
  • Browband headstall with reins (82")
  • Snaffle (6") bit included
  • Black, Light Oil, Dark Oil (Dark Oil is shown)




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