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Ceramic Infused Knee/Hock Boots for Drafts with Far-Infrared Technology

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Therapeutic "Refresh" Ceramic Infused Knee/Hock Wrap or Boot with Far-Infrared Technology

These boots are great for pre-workout to relax muscles, post-workout for quick recover and rehab to decrease swelling.  The ceramic infused fibers absorb your horse's heat and return it to the horse as far-infared rays.  These rays go deep within the body tissue expanding blood vessels and increasing circulation.  The increased circulation helps to repair damaged muscles, reduce inflammation and loosen up tight muscles. 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:  It is recommended to slowly introduce your horse to these boots as extended use the first few days may cause a build up of fluid due to the increased circulation.  Although this is a sign the wraps are working, it is suggested only using the wraps 4 hours max the first 3 days.  After this introductory period the wraps can be worn daily. 

CARE:  Machine wash up to 90 degree with normal detergent.  No bleach or fabric softener.  Air dry.

  • Ceramic infused padded lining (closest to skin)
  • Easy on/off "quick grip" tabs (hook & loop)
  • Sold as a pair
  • Black only
  • Draft Size

NOTICE:  Please contact a veterinarian prior to use if your horse has any medical problems.  This product is making no medical claims.

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