Braideez Braiding Wire

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Get Wired With Braideez!  Makes braiding easy with classy results!

Photo on Left - just braided

Photo on Right - after 24 hours of turnout

Classically beautiful braides for all disciplines are easy-in, easy-out, and durable overnight! Easier than rubber bands, and just as elegant as traditional yarn braides. Braideez are flexible plastic-coated wires that replace yarn in the braiding process.

Children, amateurs, and even those battling arthritis all agree, Braideez is an invention long overdue!

• Easy to put in - stays in
• Shape braids by hand - no sewing
• Change styles instantly
• Easy, fast to remove from braids
• Will not damage mane or tail
• Reusable
• Cuts easily
• 25 wires - 32" long

Black, brown, or white

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