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Horse toys and treats.
  • JOLLY Mega Ball TAKE A PEEK!
    JOLLY Mega Ball from $ 19.99

    JOLLY Mega Ball

    $ 19.99

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    Jolly Mega Ball Great stress reducer!  Extra tough, anti-burst design to withstand up to 2,500 pounds of pressure! The Jolly Mega Ball from Horseman’s Pride is a fun exercise toy...
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  • JOLLY Mega Ball Cover TAKE A PEEK!
    JOLLY Mega Ball Cover from $ 19.99

    JOLLY Mega Ball Cover

    $ 19.99

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    Jolly Mega Ball Cover Create fun horse games and helps increase the life of Jolly Mega Ball.  Fits every size.  Durable and machine washable!  Style is that of a multi-color...
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  • Just Rewards Treat Pocket TAKE A PEEK!
    Just Rewards Treat Pocket $ 9.99 $ 7.95 SALE

    Just Rewards Treat Pocket

    $ 7.95 $ 9.99
    One Size / Gray

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    Discrete pocket that straps to your belt, allowing you to carry your horse’s favorite treat. Hook and loop closures make it sturdy and easy to open and close. It is...
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  • U-Bake Horse Treats TAKE A PEEK!
    U-Bake Horse Treats Out of stock

    U-Bake Horse Treats

    $ 10.00
    Available for pre-order
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    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Fun and easy way to make your own horse treats! Microwave or oven. One bag yields 36 treats. Best of all the proceeds go to Godspeed Horse Hostel, Inc. to...
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