Can You Predict An Hoof Abscess?

If we could predict when your horse would develop a hoof abscess, we'd be MILLIONAIRES!  Unfortunately.. we never know when it will arrive.  And...if you own horses long enough, it's not "if".. it is "when" a hoof abscess will develop.  Our Percheron Cross is 16 years old and we've had him since he was just a 3-yr old.  In 12 years, he has never had a hoof problem.  Fast forward to 2015.. he had an abscess in May and now another one in August.  Why does this happen... nothing has changed?

There are different theories on why an abscess rears its ugly head.. maybe from a bruise, laminitis, shoeing difficulties, navicular, contraction of heels, weather pattern changes or other reasons.  Many times, you have no idea it is coming until you go out to get your horse and notice he's limping and very "ouchy" on one leg!  

After our recent vet call, it was determined he had an abscess in a hoof.. probably from a rock that bruised his sole.. and then festered.  While our veterinarian was able to locate the abscess and initiate the draining of the infection, we needed to protect the hoof from further infection caused by dirt, manure, etc.  Vetrap and duck tape can be used to hold a poultice in and protect the hoof and encourage healing, but a hoof boot might be much easier!

As you know, when you have a big horse it can be difficult to find the tack and gear that you need in the right size (we suspect that is why you are reading this blog and on our website!). This truth goes for "emergency products" as well (maybe even more so)!  When you need a therapeutic boot for your large draft cross or draft horse, you simply cannot get it quickly (if you can even find it).  We believe it is an item that big horse owners should always have on hand.. so WHEN you need it, you have it!

We have developed a list of "emergency horse gear" that owners of large horses should consider having on hand because you never know when you might need it:

 We hope you don't need this "emergency horse gear"... but if you do, you'll be equipped to handle the situation. 

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