Traditional Quarter Sheet

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Keeping You and Your Horse Comfortable!

Some use a quarter sheet for warm up in cooler weather, some use on a trail ride and yet others use it as recommended by their horse's chiropractor. The reason they're a great idea to use is because muscles and ligaments are more prone to injury and strain when cold. A quarter sheet is going to help prevent that by keeping the vital areas warm while warming up. You can use one throughout your ride.. or only for warmup. If you are getting warm enough to pull off a layer, then your horse is too!

The best combination of classic and contemporary. Who doesn't love this traditional pattern as seen for decades in the UK on race horses, hunters and show horses?! These quarter sheets are made from a luxurious double thick, bonded non-pilling fleece. No matter how much of a princess your pony might be, they will love the feel of the garmets, as will you!

  • L: 78" - 81"
  • XL: 84" - 87"

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