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Manufacturer: Schneider's

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Chores such as filling hay bags or garbage bags couldn't be any easier than having one of these!  No more fighting with the hay bag or needing someone to hold that garbage bag for leaves, saw dust, or whatever else you can think of!  

Features of the StableHand include:

  • Sturdy PVC is guaranteed forever
  • Ideal for hay nets, barn trash, yard work, recyclables and even laundry
  • Quickly & easily load shavings
  • Great for traveling (hay bags & grain during the show season or trail ride travelling)
  • Makes most barn chores a "one person job" now - ahhh.....
  • Stores easy by hanging on a wall (just put a nail in the wall or some type of clip to hold it) or even a muck tub, so it's not in the way 
  • Measures 25 1/2"  x 37 1/2"
  • MUST HAVE for every property and horse owner that does their own chores!!
  • Black only



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