Black Rope Halter Draft XL Warmblood

Rope Halter - XL Draft Size too!


Manufacturer: Roy's

SKU: rh-rh - 04

$ 23.99 

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Finally! A rope halter big enough to fit Warmbloods, Drafts .. and even that extra large 'big headed' draft elephant (XL Draft size) that might be in your barn!  These rope halters are all "hand-tied" with care by genuine Idaho horseman. The rope is 5/16" in circumference and is a soft pliable rope.  If your horse sometimes 'barely fits' in a draft headstall, then go with the XL Draft Halter! Our model, "Miss Sophie", is a purebred Percheron and she has ONE BIG HEAD. Some draft headstalls and bridles do not fit her very well, but this XL Draft halter was made to fit.. this is an exclusive size only at Warmblood Tack Store.

The RED color is more like a watermelon red.. it's an exceptional color and is on Miss Sophie in the picture.  



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