Rhythm Beads "Black Gold"

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"Black Gold" Rhythm Beads 

Rhythm Beads, also known as speed beads, bear bells, horse necklace, cadence beads or horse beads, not only enhance the natural beauty of your horse, they create an auditory learning experience. They are a valuable training aid used to improve performance and are quickly gaining recognition & support from jumpers, gaited horse riders, endurance riders, dressage riders, trail riders, barrel racers and horse trainers of all breeds and disciplines! 

  • Valuable training aid
  • Great for trail riding (alerts hunters and wildlife that you're coming through)
  • Helps with desensitizing exercises
  • Comforting pleasant sound & nice "white noise" for your horse
  • Hand crafted in the USA 

Horse size is 54", Warmblood is 64" and Draft size is 70". Each set of beads have an alligator clip for easy attachment to the mane only (so when your horse lowers his head to take a drink of water, for example, the beads do not slip off over his head).

"Black Gold" is a combination of black, pearl and gold glitter beads. Each strand of beads can be manually adjusted by 3" - 4" (smaller or larger); need to untie them, adjust, and tie back up - pretty easy!

Please exercise caution when first using the beads to ensure your horse is desensitized to them!!


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