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RaspNGo is a hoof grooming tool designed to give horse owners, veterinarians, and farriers the utility of a conventional rasp in an ergonomic handle held with one hand.

The versatility of the flat rasp design allows users to stand beside the horse while removing clinches to pull a sprung shoe, bevel sharp edges to stop chipping, and maintain balance between professional trimming intervals. RaspNGo is a great training tool for yearlings, and arthritic horses benefit with the ability to hold the hoof lower than with a conventional farrier rasp.

The Heller Rasp Company is manufacturing a medium finish rasp which can easily flip to medium coarse. The front end of the RaspNGo flips open for easy removal of the rasp.

  • 7"L x 1.5"W
  • One side medium coarse/other side coarse
  • No tools needed to replace rasp
  • Multi-use: remove clinches before removing a shoe, round off edges, dress flares

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