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Draft Patent Leather Dressage Bridle

Manufacturer: Smith Worthington

SKU: B6464FRL-sw

$ 179.99 $ 258.00
Draft / Black / Rubber Lined Reins

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Stunning!  An exquisite bridle with just a touch of patent leather (not plastic) on the brow and nose.  This black patent leather Elite dressage bridle is dressy! 

  • Broadly padded nose, crown and brow for added comfort
  • Convertible flash is easily removed without damaging the bridle
  • Crank noseband
  • Full grain cowhide for durability
  • Specially tanned for just the right balance of firmness and flexibility
  • Soft and pliable -- gently secure between your fingers from the first day you use it
  • Elite leather is aniline finished for easy cleaning and preservation (oils soak in - never bead up on the surface)
  • 10 stitches per inch for beauty and strength Stainless steel buckles and hardware will never rust
  • Back punched buckle holes are easy to fasten
  • Rubber Lined Reins included
  • Bits sold separately
  • Black/Draft only



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