Cashel Nylon Horse Halter -- CLEARANCE! SALE

Cashel Nylon Horse Halter -- CLEARANCE!

Manufacturer: Cashel


$ 12.99 $ 19.99
Color:  Black

Mismarked for great discount!  Limited Supply - Great deal!  Get it before they're gone!

Solid Nylon Halter!  Black nylon halter made by Cashel.  In stock and ready to ship!  Heavyweight and durable construction with double stitching and metal hardware.  The halter remains soft and pliable.

This item is marked as "Warmblood" ... but it is NOT an oversized halter.  The halter is being modeled by our 27-yr old Tennessee Walker.  As you can see, the halter fits him well.  It is too small for our Warmblood or Draft Cross.

The tag on the halter does say "Warmblood", however we would consider this halter a "horse" size.    




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