Cashel Lightweight Fly Sheet - Draft/Warmblood Size

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Lightweight Fly Sheet... yet heavyweight performance!  The Lightweight Fly Sheet by Cashel is now available in two larger sizes for the bigger boys and girls.  This fly sheet is designed for use in warmer weather.  Your horse will stay cool and comfortable while protected from annoying insects and sunshine.  A specially-designed wide belly strap offers enhanced fly protection.  The unique design and contoured fit helps keep your horse cool, clean and protected.

If your horse normally takes a 84" blanket (measuring from the middle of the chest to the base of the tail), then choose the "83-85" size option.  We realize not all sizing is available at this time.


  • 83" x 85" is designed to fit a horse with a "normal blanket size" of 83", 84" or 85"
  • 94" x 96" is designed to fit a horse with a "normal blanket size" of 94", 95" or 9

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