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HOOFix Abscess Kit - Warmblood or Large Horse Size

Manufacturer: Intrepid International

SKU: PS0035

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Size:  Warmblood

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This is one of those items that your barn, trailer or tack truck should have at all times.  It is a convenient kit that holds everything you need to treat a hoof abscess.  We know that it's not IF a horse will get an abscess... it is WHEN.  Don't wait till the last minute because extra large size stuff can be hard to find.. everyone that has an oversized horse knows this!

This kit contains:

  • A HOOFix Emergency hoof boot that is easy to put on and can be used for turnout (also can be reused).  It is not a loose wrap.
  • An Epsom salt soak bag for the initial soak to clean and start the healing process.
  • Medical grade Epsom salt poultice gel, an effective osmotic, to draw out bacteria from the abscess site and soothe the sore or bruised hoof.
  • 4 felt hoof pads to ensure that the poultice is on the hoof and keeps working.
  • 4 applicators
  • 2 Cohesive flexible bandage rools
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions to make certain the most effective treatment protocol is followed to provide the best hoof abscess treatment for your horse.

Help your horse heal faster and order today to have available when you need it!

Sizes Available:  Large Horse/Warmblood Size 


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