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Hoof Biotin Powder

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Hoof Biotin Powder by Uckele Equine.  Supports healthy hooves, tissue development and strong, tough hoof growth.  Feed 2 tsp/day in divided doses for the 20 days.  Feed 1 tsp/day thereafter as a maintenance dose.  Scoop included.

18 oz jar = 100 day supply

The condition of a horse's hooves, coat and skin are generally a reflection of his overall health.  Because the equine hoof is so metabolically active and constantly growing, nutritional deficiencies often manifest in the hoof.  These can show as slow growth, cracking, chipping and thin and brittle walls.


The concetnrated Biotin, Zinc, and Methionine in Hoof Biotin can support healthy horse hooves by promoting tissue development and strong, tough hoof growth.


  • Biotin has been shown to support horse hoof growth and quality
  • On the mineral front, Zinc is particularly important for the functioning of enzymes needed to produce keratin, and to maintain healthy barriers to infection
  • Methionine is a critical nutrient to promote production of keratin, the structural protein of hoof walls

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