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Hock Shield Ultra - XL Warmblood Draft

Manufacturer: Intrepid International

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Hock Shield Ultras allows a full range of motion while covering total area where most horses get hock sores and stay in place more than 95% of the time.  Horses should get 3 months of wear out of a pair of Hock Shield Ultras, most will get more.  Front flap offers total joint coverage. Allows full range of motion while covering total area front and back.

Why do some horses need the Ultra?

  1. Some horses pivot on their hocks while getting up and spin their Hock Shields leaving their hock sores exposed.
  2. It can be used if a horse has an injury further forward than the typical bed sores.
  3. If a horse that has to wear a bandage, this will keep the wrap in place and prevent it from tearing.
  4. It can keep the hock warmer for the horse with arthritis.

Tips for Success:

  • When putting Hock Shield Ultras on, make sure leg is directly under them.  Stepping forward, backward or tipping the hoof up will expand the joint
  • Finding the perfect spot can take experimentation.  Start with just a little tension in the elastic.  If it falls down, put a little more tension the next time.  You want to find the loosest point you need without it falling down
  • NEVER PUT IT ON TOO TIGHT!!  Putting it on too tight can make it come off too.  If it isn't comfortable, your horse WILL get it off.  You must be able to slide two fingers between the elastic and the leg.  The joint will expand about one inch when they lay down, you need to allow for that expansion.
  • Some horses are a bigger challenge than others.  The way they push, their confirmation, their stall-mate/neighbor, or other mystery factors contribute to the challenge.
  • If your horse needs to wear their Hock Shield Ultras all the time, you should check and readjust them each day.
  • Keep experimenting and you should be able to find the right spot for your horse 

How to determine the correct size:

  • Measure the smallest point just above the hock joint.
  • Make sure the leg is straight and the hoof is flat on the ground.

13” up to 15.9″= Regular Horse

16” up to 20″= XL/Draft


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