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FITS Techtread Lite Full Seat Breech

Manufacturer: FITS

SKU: A619-fits - 02

$ 92.99 $ 128.99

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FITS TREADS rubberized full seat ink dots are uniquely distributed throughout the leg and seat in varying heights and concentrations — More at the points of saddle contact, less under the boot. The result is more grip and stability in the saddle. Our specially formulated ink dots are adhered to our 4 way stretch All Season Lite fabric. This is a lighter weight version of our original All Season fabric. It has great wicking properties and excellent support and opacity. Plus Treads are completely machine washable and dryable. A mighty combination of performance and price!  

We love these breeches because they're not only comfortable, but the fabric is a nice weight that does a good job camouflaging 'skin dimples' and an iPhone 6 fits in the side pocket!

Many colors are sold out.  Get them before they're all gone!

PERFORMAX™ BREECHES CARE INSTRUCTIONS Use for A600, A602, A603 and A612 Styles Your FITS breeches are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship available. To keep your breeches looking and wearing great for a long time please follow these care instructions: Wash breeches separately by hand (or machine-wash on delicate cycle). Use only cold water and mild soap such as Woolite EXTRA Delicates Care (not Woolite detergent) or Leather Therapy™ products ( Always rinse thoroughly. When wash cycle is finished, immediately hang or lay flat to dry indoors at comfortable room temperature. (Never use bleach, regular detergent or fabric softener. Do not dry clean. Never use hot water or dry in a dryer.) OPTIONAL LEATHER CARE FITS patented perforated deerskin incorporates the use of talcum powder in the tanning process to achieve just the right matte finish and grip properties. You can maintain the attractive matte finish and create the perfect grip for yourself by occasionally putting a little talcum or baby power on your hand and rubbing it lightly into the deerskin to your own desired finish. (Deerskin must be completely dry).

Colors:  Black only, limited sizes.


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