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EPF-5 Equine Pain Formula with Benzocaine 14 oz.

Manufacturer: Jack's

SKU: 583-ja

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Size:  14oz
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A unique topical anesthetic mineral coolant gel that provides fast relief in reducing inflammation, swelling, muscular soreness, stiffness and pain as a result of lameness, sprains, curbs, bruises, capped knee, tendon and ligament soreness. May be used concentrated or diluted depending on the severity of condition. Will not burn, blister or cause scurf. Clean area being treated first, then rub deeply into hair to insure contact with skin. Apply second application liberally and often as needed. Do not use immediately before or after a race. Licking product may show up in test of saliva or urine. 14 oz

  • Topical Anesthetic
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Fast Relief for pain
  • Help with muscular soreness
  • Helps with swelling

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