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Draft Springsteen Correctional Bit - 6 1/2"

Manufacturer: Jack's

SKU: 5997-ja

$ 31.99 
Size:  6 1/2"

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The Draft Springsteen Bit is stainless steel snaffle bit that requires utmost CAUTION when using as it is a severe correctional bit.  The Springsteen Bit should only be used by experienced professional trainers and riders.  This bit can be very damaging if not used correctly.  It is typically called the "run through bit" or a "spoon" bit because of it's action.  

  • Stainless Steel
  • Curved half cheek
  • 4 rings
  • 6 1/2" hinged mouth
  • 17mm thickness

To attach the Springsteen bit to your bridle, attach the reins to the larger rings and the headstall to the smaller rings.  When used in action, the spoons collapse onto the jaw

To use the Springsteen, attach the headstall to the small loose rings and the reins to the larger rings. When pressure is applied, the hinged spoons collapse onto the jaw much like a Hackamore function with very little mouth pressure.  

**Use extreme caution with this bit.



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