Draft or Warmblood Contour Combination Leather Bridle Halter

Draft or Warmblood Contour Combination Leather Bridle Halter

Manufacturer: Barefoot of Germany

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Convenience and comfort for your horse on the trail!  This combination bridle/halter is imported from Germany and is beautifully constructed, made of soft nubuck leather.

The crown piece that goes behind the ears is padded and curved perfectly for the comfort of your horse, alleviating pressure behind the ears.  

This bridle is flexible, versatile and highly adjustable.  The draft bridle is obviously larger and made to fit varying size draft heads.  The Warmblood size could be adjusted down to various head sizes of a horse or large horse/Warmblood. 

The noseband, throatlatch and crownpice can all be adjusted on both sides.  In addition, a bit can also be used with the detachable cheek pieces that have a buckle on one end and snap on the other.  If you ride bitless, then just use the noseband as it is softly padded and has two rings for rein attachment.  Throatlatch detaches completely.

Use this as a halter too!  This bridle/halter combination makes it easy to tie up your horse while having lunch on the trail or taking an afternoon break.  

Reins are not included with this bridle.  We have many reins to choose from including Draft Size (66"), Warmblood Size (60") and the new Warmblood Plus Size (approximately 63").   View All Reins Here

Barefoot of Germany also makes reins that would match this bridle.  Please see all Barefoot of German Reins here

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