Beta Biothane Buckle Nose Halter

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Custom Beta Biothane Buckle Nose Halter.. for Warmbloods or Draft!  Pick your colors!   

Buckle nose halters are so convenient because they allow you to switch between bridle and halter without leaving your horse's head free to roam.  Great safety halter to ensure your horse doesn't get loose at a show or on a ride.  Also good for novice riders, green horses or to assist in harnessing.  

  • Easy on & off throat latch snap
  • Double buckle crown piece (adjustable on both sides)
  • Stainless Steel or Brass hardware
  • 1" wide Beta Biothane
  • Matching Lead available (stainless steel hardware only)
  • Leather breakaway crown included, turning halter into a turnout halter

Beta Biothane is a soft and supple, yet very strong leather-like material.  Matt finish, easy to clean.  

Each item is custom made, so please allow 10-14 days for this item.


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